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  • 17 Miles Away

    I have been watching children for about 6 years now. I love children and I love being able to help them, guide them, and watch the grow. Hi, my name is Brandi, I am currently in college and majoring in Special Education.

  • 16 Miles Away

    I am looking to continue my career in education down the road. I would love to be apart of your childs life to watch them grow and teach them new things. Hi, my name is Heaven Dejarnette and I am a mom of a two year old little boy. I absolutely love children, it is my passion. I am an older sibling of 3, so I have tons of experience watching kids.

  • 14 Miles Away

    I would love to help you out in your time of need! Please reach out and give me a call! I babysit my niece and nephew along with having two children of my own that I adore.

  • 19 Miles Away

    I'm pretty flexible with my schedule, although I am going to college at the moment. So just let me know if I can help. Hi I'm Lily, I have been a caregiver to children for five years now. I'm willing to take up to four kids at a time. I have a CPR certification.

  • < 1 Mile Away

    I have also done housekeeping and administrative and retail work in the past! My name is Fallon, I am 27 yrs of age with two boys of my own 6 and 1 years of age . I love children and of all jobs I have had, I believe being a mom and caretaker for children has been most rewarding! I love to do crafts, reading, and play music! I am a volunteer fire and rescue memeber and am certified in cpr and am on my way to obtaining an emt license. Hello! Thank you so much for your time! I ...

  • 11 Miles Away

    I love doing fun activities and fostering a learning environment with the kids. I have reliable transportation and no criminal background, and I'd love to meet your tiny humans and provide a safe environment for them. I adore kids, and I've been the go-to babysitter for family and friends since I was an early teenager. I'm not the type to sit and play on my phone. I've worked with all age groups, and even worked with Special Education preschoolers for a short time, which I loved.

  • < 1 Mile Away

    As a school nurse I took care of many sick children. I have my CPR certificate . I also can pass a background check and DMV check, if needed. I got to know one family so well that they allowed their two daughters to come stay with me on weekends and when school was out they would stay for days with me and my family. I worked as a school nurse for 5 years. I have been a nurse for 30 years . Me and my husband raised two sons of our own. Thank you for considering me for this ...

  • 12 Miles Away

    I'm a stay-at-mom to two kids, that I homeschool. My name is Ashley, and I love working with kids. I also volunteer for Girl Scouts, co-leading a troop of 9 first graders. On the weekend's I volunteer as a children's ministry team leader at my church where I invest in building relationships with kids 0-4yrs old.

  • 20 Miles Away

    I have worked with 3 foster kids so I do have experience handling foster children and their adjustment period. I’m very creative and imaginative, I love playing with children and taking care of them. I have babysit 11 kids from the ages 3 months old to 7 years old all by myself.

  • 16 Miles Away

    With God as your director and being there for your child with understanding and compassion and setting good bounders and discipline. I taught children in a summer camp for 3 years for all ages and all personalities and I loved it. children are a gift from God I have 4 of my own all whom are all adults now and if I could start over with there childhood I would.

  • 20 Miles Away

    I like to be interactive with them, let them feel safe and comfort them while mom and dad are gone. Hope to be hearing from you soon! And I have a 2 year old niece I watch over every now and then so I've grown accustomed to handle them a bit. I like to help any way I can! I love kids as well even if they're often times a handful (that's part of the experience, right?). I've babysat for a few toddlers before and I had fun doing so, everything went well.

  • 15 Miles Away

    I have experience with kids ages Newborn to 12 year olds. I have always been a caring person and love to love. I am going to college to be a interior designer and eventually I will be a professional diver! I am currently looking to further my career and get through college. I started out babysitting at 13 when my baby brother was born. I know all the basics and I also love kids. I also was babysitting my cousins who varied in ages. I promise its not just something I say. I have experience with babysitting, Pet sitting, animal ...

  • 15 Miles Away

    My brother has 5 year old twins that I babysit frequently. Kids are basically life’s greatest joy and I absolutely adore them. I am a energetic, loving, caring babysitter. I use to help my babysitter watch kids when I was young. I’ve been around children my whole life.

  • 11 Miles Away

    I pride myself on being able to play and act goofy with the kids, yet still have them listen and respect me. I make it my priority that the parent and children are completely comfortable with me. Hey, my name is Jakia but you can call me Kia. I simply enjoy spending time with children. I'm a fun-loving babysitter.

  • 20 Miles Away

    I grew up babysitting my baby cousins ages new born-12. I’m a certified lifeguard so i have my first aid certificate and i’m CPR certified. Currently going to Virginia Western for nursing.