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  • 16 Miles Away

    I currently babysit my one year old niece and I would like to work with more babies and kids for some time. I recently graduate from the University of Maryland, College park with a degree in Bioengineering. I worked with this family for two years and I then had to leave this job because of my college schedule. Shortly after that I was offered a part time job as a babysitter of two young boys, who were 4 and 2 years old at that time. I always love being with kids and babies and for this reason I want to ...

  • 9 Miles Away

    I love kids and I am always willing to help out! I am currently a college student at University of Lynchburg and working on an Elementary Education major with a minor in Special Education. Hello, My name is Elena Fergusson I have been a babysitter for 7 years!

  • 16 Miles Away

    I am very dedicated to teaching respect, responsibility, acceptance, and kindness. I hope to work with kids in my career. I also like cooking, baking, reading, and helping the kids learn how to do house chores like running and folding the laundry. I am considering joining the Peace Corps after graduation as I am always excited about service work and any opportunity to learn about other cultures. I have been babysitting since middle school and I have been a nanny for the last 3 summers. I love spending time with kids playing sports, playing board card games, swimming, hiking, doing ...

  • 20 Miles Away

    I’ve been babysitting since I was 12 , I have 5 brothers & sisters that I also took care of growing up , I’ve taking care of family friends children. I love being around kids and animals .

  • 5 Miles Away

    I have been working with kids for years, starting in high school. I love to play games and do crafts and other fun projects with the kids I watch. During the school year I offer after school and weekend tutoring but this summer I have wider availability so I am offering babysitting as well. Hi there! My name is Rachel, I am a kindergarten teacher in Loudoun County and a graduate of Salisbury University where I earned a BS in Elementary and Early Childhood Education. I have a variety of experience with kids ages 2-16, mostly through schools and camps ...

  • 13 Miles Away

    I have two younger sisters that I ve taken care of growing up as well. Feel free to message me!! Hi! I love to be around children, I am responsible, and I am reliable. My last occupation was a live in nanny for a 12 and 14 year old. Currently, I study work and organizational psychology for my bachelors degree. I also have years of prior experience with special needs children! My name is Alexandra Wolfe, I am a third year student at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. I have always been the one during the family gatherings to ...

  • 14 Miles Away

    I am very responsible and I will take care of him with full responsibility and all the care he needs including feeding, diapers, cleaning, putting to sleep, etc. I will be very happy to take care of your little boy. You may contact me at 443 642 1194 if you want to talk about this responsibility. I have excelled in taking care of the little ones. However, I have my own 1 year old, so my preference will be that your son be dropped off to my place. Hi Leo. Thank you. In the evening I can drop off your ...

  • 19 Miles Away

    I have been here 3 years, when it is weekend and when summer I spend my off days with my brother kids. That’s why I love being a babysitter cause kids gives us happiness smile kindness they are everything love to work baby sister.

  • 19 Miles Away

    Im very loving person i love kids a lot i can take good care of them and I'm very happy and patience person so if your baby is with me then you don't have to worry about anything 😊

  • 8 Miles Away

    I'd love to hear from you. If I send interesting give me a shout! I am currently finishing my third year of university in Scotland towards my International Relations BA Degree. Hello! In addition to this, I used to babysit a special needs boy with autism on an on-call basis. I have recently taken up boxing as well - so I try to keep active. In my spare time I play the flute and football I'm currently trying to find some work while I study for the LSATs this summer in preparation of my final year of undergrad. My name ...

  • 15 Miles Away

    🤗 In my off seasons I worked soccer camps where I was responsible for larger (up to 10 kids) groups of kids on my own. While I have no formal training or certifications, I have a lot of experience with children. I also played on the varsity soccer team there. Additionally, I babysat for multiple families over my 5 years in Boston as well. I am very active, energetic, and warm. I graduated from Boston College with an undergrad degree and a masters. Hi there! Thank you! My name is Alexis and I am 23 years old.

  • 19 Miles Away

    I have 10 years of experience with kids of all ages. I look forward to getting to know your family! Hi! I love playing with kids and learning from their imaginative minds. My name is Emily and I’m a 21 year old college senior at University of Wisconsin- Madison, but I live in DC when I’m home.

  • 16 Miles Away

    I am very affectionate, responsible, careful and attentive responsible I like to play with children as if we were the same age I love to make them laugh and to learn playing. I have 90 hours of study on children from 0 to 5 years old cpr and first aid and 2 years of experience.

  • 16 Miles Away

    I come from a large extended family that includes lots of children and pets, which has sparked my love for taking care of both. I have worked with Fairytale Princess Events for about a year and volunteered with children at church events and have experience managing large groups of children. Hi, I’m Becca!

  • 20 Miles Away

    i have lots of energy to keep up with them, i always try to sure we have fun doing the things we need to do. At the end of the day i like to make sure i clean up after our long fun day. Hello,my name is Mahedere, and i love kids. i love taking them to the park,playing games, just taking care of them . i been taking care of kids for about 8 years.