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  • 18 Miles Away

    In my free-time I like to read, cook or baking and paint. Hello, my name it's Emely, I'm looking for new experince with children's, one of my goals is be a nurse or teacher I am not sure yet. I used to give them food, play with them, do crafts, took them for a walk, ect... I took care of baby's to toodler. When I was in High School I used to help the teacher's with babysitting at school. I help the teacher at least one year, was amazing! LOVE IT!

  • 10 Miles Away

    I’ve take care of my nieces and nephews as they’ve grown up, I had babysitting jobs for neighbor kids in middle school. And have two children of my own!

  • 18 Miles Away

    Personally, I am highly organized, responsible, and independent, so minimal supervision is required. With my skills and character, you and your children are ensured a happy and safe experience. Hello! Your children will receive appropriate care, but I also would love to support parents in any way possible, through simple household chores and cleaning, or just being with the kids! I am a caring, fun, but also responsible person who has experience in working with children from toddlers to teens.

  • 12 Miles Away

    I believe it helps bring all their ideas into life and expand their imagination. Hi my name is Katie, I am currently finishing up to become a certified nursing assistant. I like sharing my interest in arts and crafts with kids. I enjoy painting and drawing on my free time. I’ve grown up with lots of siblings. I’m the oldest so I have helped take care of newborns to 10 year olds. I’ve always enjoyed spending time with kids, they bring a cheerful environment into a home.

  • 14 Miles Away

    I'm energetic and fun-loving, yest disciplined. I have personal experience with ADHD and high-functioning autism, and am well equipped to care for children with these conidtions. Hello! I've always worked well with children, and have 2 younger siblings, 7 and 12 years younger. I'm an aspiring early childhood teacher.

  • 18 Miles Away

    I only baby sit them when their parents are working or when they want to go out and have fun. I love being with kids because they are so creative and fun. I just graduated high school, but I’m in college now. I babysat my niece which she is 2 years old, and i have also baby say an 8, 4 year old, and a 9month baby. I go to school from Monday - Thursday and I’m out by 2 pm.

  • 18 Miles Away

    I have childcare experience in the clinical setting through my pediatrics rotation and an internship in the NICU. I am a senior at George Mason University studying nursing. I have also babysat for many years throughout high school. I love working with children of all ages, and even have experience with developmentally delayed children!

  • 17 Miles Away

    I work full time M-F but I am available most evenings and weekends. My name is Sam, I grew up in Maryland. I like to joke that I am destined to be a stay at home mom myself when that time comes! I also like to cook and bake. My mother is a stay at home daycare provider so I always grew up with children around. I am high energy and love to play and run around! I could sit on the floor and play barbies or hot wheels, or hang out and watch disney movies.

  • 18 Miles Away

    My name is Kelsey and i’m a sophomore at NOVA community college, i have 4 years working experience in child care and have 3 younger siblings. Hi there! I understand many families need the extra help so that’s what i’m here for! (:

  • 20 Miles Away

    I truly enjoy assisting children grow through play and social interaction. Hi! I am a pro at song and dance in order to get little ones to brush their teeth. As a teacher I consider myself an expert in entertaining while educating. My name is Emily and I’m a third grade elementary teacher. In the past I have worked in a daycare with infants and toddlers. I am comfortable taking care of multiple children at one time.

  • 12 Miles Away

    I have also tutored students from since I was in high school. I speak fluent English and Intermediate level Spanish and Portuguese. Hello, my name is Kylah and I am a recent college graduate. I have volunteered at my local creche and I love working and helping kids. While in college I worked as an assistant teacher to grade 2 teachers.

  • 13 Miles Away

    I’m outgoing and very easy to talk to. I’m a male babysitter who as always loved caring for children. I’m 18 and have been working with kids since sophomore year of high school through the child development program. Ultimately, just fun guy and a great person to be around!

  • 18 Miles Away

    I also volunteered in college for a non profit called Young Life, and I now work full time for that non profit with college students! I’m excited for the chance to spend time with some younger kids! Hello! I graduated college with a Human Development degree and I’m EMT-B certified. I’ve spent most of my life babysitting for neighbors and family, and my mom is a full time nanny so I’ve been around kids my whole life!

  • 18 Miles Away

    I interacted with many kids at a variety of ages. As I look back, I was blessed enough to have such an experience. My main focus was how to enhance their cognitive, emotional and physical development. I believe that kids are the seeds for the upcoming generation and if we do a great job in planting them, we will have such a successful young ones who can bright our future. My name is Miriam, I'm a nursing student at the University of Virginia, school of nursing. I learned a lot, and that's why I want to continue learning and trying ...

  • 7 Miles Away

    I have always wanted to be an elementary school teacher and one day hopefully I will be able to do that. Children are my passion! I am a stay at home mom to a 13 month old girl and am engaged with her father. Hey there I m Jillian! I have been a full time nanny to at the time a 2 year old little boy. I have also taught ABC music and me which is a music class for kids ages 1-4 to explore singing and fun little instruments! I was a Lead preschool teacher for almost 3 years ...